It’s Weaning Time!!!

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What age should I start weaning?
The age for weaning depends on the child. Baby’s digestive system needs time to mature, so six months on average should be the earliest (not four months as many books say!). Although six months is the average age, there are developmental signs that show when baby is ready, and the age will differ from child to child. Read here for more.

What are signs of readiness for solids?
•Sit up on their own: Baby must be able to sit up without support. I’m not referring to those Bumbo floor seats (which are actually really bad for children’s backs). A child who is ready to wean needs to be able to sit up completely unassisted.
•Willing to chew
•Baby has good head support
•Possesses the skills to grab solid food and place in mouth unassisted

What is Baby Led Weaning (BLW)
It’s skipping the purees and going straight to finger food.

Does my baby need pureed food?
Absolutely not. Once a child can pick up food, chew and swallow it, they can eat what we eat. The only thing to consider is the fact that if they have no teeth, you’ll probably want to keep that into consideration. You can hand mash, cut or chop the same food we we eat to make it suitable for them to consume on their own. Personally I like to offer both, so that they can get acquainted with different flavours, colours and textures. That being said, offering purees doesn’t mean the same as spoon feeding. I know many parents who are against spoon feeding, but with their own spoon and bowl, babies can learn to feed themselves, whether it be finger foods or smoothie bowls/purees.

When did your children begin solids?
Our first born was around six months, our second child was around seven months, and our last child was six and a half months.

**If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. I’d love to add more to this section in time 🙂