Messy Morning!

I still chuckle when I remember this moment, and I’m so happy that I had my camera to capture it. I wish it had been caught on video.

Basically, baby girl was enjoying a smoothie in her ChooMee reusable pouches, and her brother wanted some. I offered him my share (in a water bottle), but nope, he wanted that pouch. He tried to grab it from baby girl, and she was NOT having it. They pulled the pouch back and fourth, until the pouch top separated from the pouch. For those who aren’t familiar with ChooMee silicone pouch tops, they control the flow of the contents so that there’s no spills.

Can you guess what happened next? Yup, the top came off, and smoothie went flying everywhere! Such a funny moment. It was on my shoes, my jeans, and definitely all over big boy here. He was pretty upset and cried loud enough to be heard a few towns over, but there’s a lesson to be learned from most unfortunate situations. In this case, it’s “Don’t take a baby’s smoothie!”.

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