Salad Prep is my new Obsession

jar salad babyfoodideasSo I’m going through this phase where I’ve been questioning everything I eat, and everything the kids eat, and I’ve found it quite saddening. I’m in shock at how much “food” marketed to us is really a slow working poison for our bodies.

I’m not so much worried about my children, as their diets comprise of mostly raw fruits and veggies (their choice but yay nonetheless), but I definitely wasn’t eating half as well as them. I’ve been focusing on myself more lately, and I’ll write up a blog post at some point with all the details. Shout out to Viv and Mel for randomly hearing me rant about my dietary adventures😂.

#SaladPrep is something I literally just started yesterday, and I’ve fallen in love with it. The ingredients are good for #weaning kids too, so that’s why I’m posting this here. Great meal for co-eating, or for #toddlers also. Expect many #salad recipes on the website as I experiment with flavours and ingredients.

I’ve read online that some people just shake the jars and eat out of them with a fork. I am unable to do this because the jar openings are too narrow, and I fill them up too high to be able to shake it well enough. When I’m ready to eat, I simply empty the contents into a big plate or bowl, and go at it. Sometimes I sprinkle some ground flax seeds or chia seeds over it all as well.

Also, I will mention that they are good for a few days in the fridge. I personally prefer three days max.

salad jar babyfoodideas

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