Backyard Snacking With ECOlunchbox

As I type this, I’m watching the rain fall outside. The snow melted away weeks ago, but we’re not in the clear as far as weather goes. It’s currently spring, which means rainy days, muddy puddles and far more indoor activities to avoid getting wet. That being said, we have had our share of warm weather, although they are few.

This last weekend, I packed up some fruits and veggies for the kids, and we headed to the backyard for some relaxing snacking and chatting. At first I had joined the kids, but I noticed them slowly drawing nearer to each other, leaving me as the “odd man out” so to speak. It was at that moment that I decided to grab my camera, and capture some moments of the kids in their element. Despite the difference in ages, they always manage to find ways to enjoy each other’s company, communicating in any way they can. It truly is beautiful to see.

The stainless steel food containers shown are by ECOlunchbox, a brand whose products are plastic-free, waste-free, and BPA-free. A brand that supports this cause always holds a place in my heart.

My Favourite Features:
•Environmentally friendly: I learned from this brand that every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. How scary is that? This means that all the plastic utensils, ziplock bags, and plastic packaging for processed food used in previous lunches do lots more damage than we can imagine. It’s a scary thought! So finding a brand that does the opposite, it really promotes a message that I want to pass on to this next generation.
•Leak proof: Would you like to bring along some homemade hummus with carrots sticks on your next outing? Perhaps you would like to pack some almond butter and dates to dip into them? The sky’s the limit with these containers, because they’re also leak proof! Get those sauces and wet snacks packed, and save time worrying about leaks because that won’t be an issue for you.
•Light weight and less clutter: The Steel Cup Trio is a lot lighter than I thought, but still sturdy. Also, they can be stacked when full, and can nest/stack for easy storage.

Another feature I love which I didn’t mention above is that the containers are easy to open. I say this because when I saw baby girl remove a lid to get a snack, I had flashbacks to our oldest on his first day of school. One of the skills the teachers ask us to equip our children with is the ability to open and close their lunch containers independently. It seems like an easy enough task, but trust me when I say that some containers are almost impossible for a five year old to tackle. We went through two different lunch boxes last year before we found one that kiddo could open on his own.

It’s just wonderful to find products that fit your needs, which is why I wanted to share these thoughts with you. The kids had an absolute blast on our little picnic, and are looking forward to having many more this coming summer. Lots more outdoor fun to share in the upcoming weeks.

The lunch boxes shown are the Seal Cup Trio and the Splash Box. They will soon be available at selected Target stores. How exciting is that? These make for great gifts for a fellow foodie. My blog is aimed at parents, but keep in mind that these products are not just for kids, but they are equally suitable for adults of all walks of life.

Click here to find a Target store near you.

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