Tangerine Orange Key #51086562S1 Free $50 Bonus

tangerine bank orange key 51086562S1

DISCLAIMER: I have not collaborated with Tangerine bank for this post. This is not a sponsored post. EVERYONE with a Tangerine account receives an Orange Key, and is eligible to receive this same BONUS with the refer a friend program.


My Orange Key referral $50 bonus: 51086562S1

I have two reasons for writing this post about Tangerine Bank’s referral program. One reason is because you and I can make a quick $50 bonus, and the other is because since joining Tangerine.ca, I haven’t looked back. I won’t get into too much details (as mentioned, I’m not getting paid for this), but you should definitely check out their website, and services.

tangerine bank orange key 51086562S1

Basically how it works is that with my Orange Key 51086562S1, you earn a $50 cash bonus into your new Tangerine account. In fact, we BOTH get a bonus. This bonus program works with any Tangerine users, as we all receive our own unique code once we have created an account. Once you make one, be sure to share your Orange Key number with friends and family so that you can both earn from each other. It’s a win/win!

What I like About Tangerine Bank
•ZERO service fees or charges per transactions
•Free ABM access through the Scotiabank® ABM Network
•Easy online banking
•Cash cheques without leaving your house
•Email transfers are only $1

Some info on Tangerine:
•Despite the new name, they’ve actually been around since 1997, formerly ING Direct. They were Canada’s first online bank, and are now owned by Scotia Bank.
•Tangerine Bank is a Canadian direct banking subsidiary of Scotiabank. It offers no-fee chequing and savings accounts, Guaranteed Investment Certificates, mortgages, and mutual funds.

tangerine bank orange key 51086562S1

Why is Tangerine Bank Offering me Money??
It’s a promotion they’re running to gain new clients…easy as that :). They’re really underrated in my opinion. I’ve been with TD and Scotia and the fees they charge are rediculous. Tangerine operates online and has very few real estate, which means more income to run promos such as this.

Don’t forget to use Orange Key #51086562S1 to receive your $50 bonus when you open a new Tangerine.ca account.

If you have further questions, either contact me on social media or by email. You can also check out Tangerine Bank’s referral program page for more details and terms.

***Referral bonus is subject to change. It is currently $50 until January 31st, 2018. Accounts must have $100 minimum balance. Once the bonus is transferred, you’re free to withdraw as you please.

tangerine bank refer a friend

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