TWELVElittle On-The-Go Stroller Caddy (Stripe Print)

I am now officially a mother of four children between the ages of 1 week old and 7 years old🎉. We keep pretty busy, and staying organized is a crucial part to a smooth family outing. I had the pleasure of trying out the TWELVElittle On-The-Go Stroller Caddy in their Stripe Print, and I am excited to share my experience with you. I am very much into the monochrome colour scheme as of late, so the print alone attracted my attention. Below are some of the features about this caddy I favour the most.

My Favourite Features
Removable stroller clips: This means it can be used as a diaper bag for everyday use, or as a caddy on your stroller or around the house.
Made with water resistant materials: Because messes happen! Have you ever had a baby bottle, sippy cup or dirty diaper spring a leak in your diaper bag? Or perhaps you were out for a walk, and it began to rain or snow? Water resistant materials make for a much less stressful time.
Vegan leather trim: Looking for a diaper bag that is both fashion forward and cruelty free? This particular diaper bag from TWELVElittle is proof that you can carry an item made from cruelty free materials and still look fabulous!
Top zipper for easy access: When you’ve got your hands full, you will appreciate this feature. The model I have comes with a top zip, giving me easy access to the contents without having to open the main flap. This is perfect for when I am juggling a number of items (perhaps some food, or a child or two!).
Customize your space: Adjust the Velcro on one of the dividers inside to alter the size of your storage space! This feature is perfect for larger items like clothing or extra food. We manage to save on space by not needing bottles this time around, but with 4 children, that extra space is perfect for sippy cups and extra snacks!

When we are on the go, I try to keep a minimalistic mindset when I decide which items to bring with us. It makes it easier to stay organized, and means I have exactly what I need with me, and nothing more.

My must-bring diaper bag items
•Backup outfit for baby
•Wet dry bag (for dirty diapers)
•Snacks for the older kids
•Water for the older kids
•My wallet

Some other fun features include the set of stroller clips and detachable long strap. Why stick to a bag that can be carried one way, when you can customize your bag to suit your mode of transportation? If you are going for a stroll, use the stroller clips. If you are headed out for a quick drive, make use of the long strap to wear as a purse. I love versatility in a product, as it’s great for parents of multiple children, and grows with your child as well. To add icing to the cake, this bag is also BPA and PVC free. That means no harsh chemicals getting in contact with your baby items. We all know how sensitive their immune systems/skin can be at this stage, .

Would I recommend this caddy to someone in search of one? If the person is searching for something convenient and practical, my answer is yes! The style and separate compartments really won me over, and after using it for a few weeks, I have no issues or complaints about it. It’s made of durable materials and I believe it’ll be with our family for a while. It is currently winter here, and I am excited for temperatures to warm up, so that I can make use of this caddy as a stroller accessory on a nice and sunny outing. I will be sure to update the photos in this review when the time comes!

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**I have been gifted a sample for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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