DockATot®: The Perfect Lounging Dock

I am officially four children deep into this adventure called motherhood, and what a ride it has been! The biggest difference between this child and our previous ones, is how few baby related items we purchased for her. Each new child we have receives a large number of hand-me-downs, and by the time we had reached our fourth, we only invested in a handful of items. That being said, I do browse social media from time to time to see what’s a hit in this industry, and became interested in the DockATot® Deluxe+ the second I saw it.

The DockATot® Deluxe+ is a Stage 1 docking station for little ones from the newborn stage until around eight months old. The name is pretty self explanatory, as its purpose is for docking your tot when needed. In my case (because our little one is only 2 weeks old as I type this), it’s the number one spot for baby to lounge between breastfeeding sessions, or for her to relax while her three siblings marvel at our new little blessing. As she grows over the next few months, the DockATot® Deluxe+ will grow with her, and its uses will multiply. It’s a great spot for:

•Diaper changes
•To get in some tummy time
•To put baby down if you need do something quick like answer the door

Can we discuss comfort for a second? Cribs are all well and good, but when it comes to daytime lounging, who wants to sit on a completely solid surface? The DockATot® comes with a cushion insert at the bottom, creating a flat yet soft surface for little ones to hang out. Need something to match your room or style, no problem! DockATot® offers additional covers that are sold separately. This is great because it allows you to keep a second cover as backup for big messes, or to match the style of its surroundings. As a mother of four, I cannot stress how important versatility is to me when it comes to products for infants. The more uses I can get from it, and the more ways I can use it is the better it is for me as a money conscious parent!

I had contacted DockATot® about a collaboration, because I really wanted to try their product and see what the buzz was about. So far in my experience, its popularity is well deserved. Here are a few more points I took while using my DockATot®:

Accessories and spare parts available: Do you need a travel bag for when you’re on the go, or a toy arch to attach for more fun? Visit their website for some awesome add ons.
Get spare covers if possible: If you ask for this as a baby shower gift, I recommend you request additional covers from other friends/family as a separate gift. We received a plain white cover for our and I am in love. I swap out depending on my mood, and it changes the feel of the whole room so easily.
Use the plastic case as a travel bag: The DockATot® is pretty handy to keep baby in when visiting friends and family. If you are able to get the travel bag, I highly recommend it. If not, you can do like me and use the plastic carrying case that came with it in the packaging. It probably won’t last as long as the travel case, but it has some use as a cover for sure. It comes with a handle as well.

Can infants sleep in their DockATot®? Personally I believe its purpose is primarily for lounging, and would like to stress that once baby is inside, that they should be supervised at all times, especially during the first few years of life, when they are unable to turn their heads independently. Aside from that, I am 100% satisfied with the look, convenience and comfort of the DockATot® Delux. It comes in a larger size for older kids, and I would definitely consider going up a size once girly is a little older. They are so comfortable, and our three year old can second that, as she uses it to lounge in, despite her long legs hanging from the end of it.

DockATot® On Social Media:

**I have been gifted a sample for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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