Bell Pepper, Nectarine & Grapes (No Cook Recipe)

Here’s a quick and easy no cook baby food recipe. I say ‘baby food’ because this website is directed to food ideas of babies, but don’t let that fool you. I am a hug advocate for the idea that if an adult wouldn’t eat it, neither should the child, except for human milk which is of course designed by mother nature to feed baby for the first few months/years of their lives. So while this can be fed to a little child from the stage of weaning and up, please note that I do not hesitate to make this in a larger batch and drink it myself. This is a puree, smoothie, smoothie bowl, ice pop, and everything in between, because it can be served in so many ways. That’s the fun part about raw food.

This combo is full of fibre, water (from the fruits), vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and plant based iron. If you’re looking for a new juice to try, simple run these through a juicer to separate the pulp.

4 nectarines
1 handful of green grapes
1/2 orange bell pepper

1. Wash and cut ingredients
2. Blend and serve


Instagram (6m+):
Instagram (Lunch Boxes):


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