Simple Celery Juice

Are you a celery fan? Celery is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, K, niacin and folate! It’s natural sodium content helps us break down food, which is great for improving gut health (along with a healthy diet). As an adult, I noticed that drinking a glass daily has helped my skin become far smoother. When I say ‘skin’, I don’t just mean on my face, but everywhere! My arms are softer, my legs and back etc…it’s like I’m in a new body when I’ve had a glass every morning for at least three days straight! Keep in mind that this is paired with a dairy free diet, as dairy is known to cause acne, and trigger existing eczema, which my children had as babies.

So here is my go-to for celery juice. I love altering the ingredients by adding extra greens such as swiss chard, kale, spinach and more. If you’re not a fan of the taste of celery, add an extra apple or two. For those with children who do not favour the flavour, add a few apples, and with each serving, as they grow accustom to the taste, reduce the quantity of apples for a higher celery content beverage!

My blender broke a few days ago, so this recipe calls for a nut bag to separate the juice from the pulp. If you have a juicer, simply wash all ingredients and juice them. Personally, I love adding water to my juices for extra hydration. My kids and I don’t always drink enough water in a day, so adding it to juice is just another trick to get some extra hydration in.

Once this recipe is completed, you will have a bag (or juicer) full of pulp. Some people throw it away, and some use it for homemade crackers, smoothies, soups and lots more!

1/2 stock celery
2 small cucumbers
3 granny smith apples
1 cup filtered water

1. Wash and chop all ingredients
2. Blend all ingredients
3. pour into nut bag
4. squeeze to strain out the juice
5. Serve immediately


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