Chayote and Carrots

Chayote and Carrots

2 chayote squash
Approx 6 carrots

1. Wash and cut chayote and carrots into chunks
2. Bring 1 cup water to a boil
3. Add your ingredients, and set burner to medium
4. Boil until you can pierce the carrots all the way through
5. Drain the veggies, but SAVE the broth
6. Blend ingredients
7. Add the leftover broth to thin the consistency if needed
(You can also use the broth to add to a stew, soup etc)
8. Fill up your @KiddoFeedo tray with the mixture
9. Cover and freeze
10. Remove, defrost and serve when needed!
Please note that removing the skin and or seeds of the chayote is optional. The whole plant is edible. When cooked chayote is blended, the consistency reminds me of that of an apple.
Silicone freezer tray is by @KiddoFeedo. They are freezer, microwave and oven safe! Visit their account for details. They share recipes weekly as well, so be sure to check that out if you’re looking for MORE baby food inspo.

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