Chemical-free Face Cleaning With Baby Care by e-cloth®

baby care by ecloth

Big brand baby wipes are a lifesaver. They’re convenient, easy to use, and easily accessible. As a mother of three adorable and messy eaters, I have run into my fair share of messes, and wet wipes are a quick way to clean up after them. I have been reading up on a lot of the products we use daily, and this includes food, hygiene products and more. I learned a few things about most brands of wet wipes that I find quite alarming, and I would love to share some quick points with you, and what we can do to resolve it.

What’s Wrong with Big Brand Wipes?
•They’re bad for the environment
•Many brands of wet wipes contain toxic chemicals that are horrible for a baby’s precious skin
•May cause allergic reaction, as many contain hidden ingredients that aren’t listed on the packaging

The makers of the Ecloth are aware of these shortcomings, and have developed a product designed to help us safely remove messes from little faces. The only ingredient is water, so it’s chemical free. That makes it safe for children of all ages and stages, and even for my little ones who have suffered from eczema for a good portion of their lives.

baby care ecloth

The pack I received contains ten wipes, a carry pouch and an empty spray bottle. All I had to do was fill the bottle with water, and I am good to go. Anytime the kids make a mess (and boy, can they make messes!), I simply retrieve a cloth, spray it with water, and wipe away. The set also comes with a little laundry bag to keep my soiled wipes in one place. It has been over a week of us using them, and we are enjoying them a lot so far. At first glance, they look like standard face cloths. Once I pulled one out, and got a feel, I realized the texture is a bit unique. It’s thicker than the usual face cloths that we use, and once wet, they seem pretty thick, tough and good at removing dirt in less strokes than paper towel or chemical filled wet wipes from the store.

How does Ecloth clean without chemicals? That was my first question. On the packaging, it says that they use 3.1 million fibres per square inch, which help to trap the germs the way no average face wipe can. I am not an expert in the field of fabrics, so I can’t comment on this feature and the technicalities of it, but they do work better than the face cloths we have at home, which are all pretty thin and require extra work in cleaning up a mess. Their product information states that they are the only EPA certified microfiber cloth on the market.

baby care ecloth

baby care ecloth

•I love the carrying case. I am a mother of three, and staying organized is vital to my sanity. Having my wipes, spray bottle and laundry bag all in one case makes my life easier.
•They have a 100 wash guarantee. Compare this to how much waste is produced by disposables.
•Maintenance is easy. It’s not like disposable wipes, where you just toss them in the trash, but adding them to a load of laundry is convenient enough, and far better for the earth.

•I don’t have any issues with this product. It does what it says, and I have used it beyond the time I was testing it out for this review. I would say that perhaps if there were a wider range of colours for the cases…maybe a black one to match my diaper bag. That would make it seem even more stylish, like a cute clutch!

Generally I have to say I’m pretty happy with this product. It does exactly what it says. I have listed contact information for Ecloth below.

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e-cloth is available at ACE HARDWARE stores beginning May 1st

***I received this product for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.