Carrot, Apple & Strawberry

baby food recipe weaningI find factory made “food” marketed to children of the weaning stage usually have fruits added to vegetables to sweeten them up. Such practices are not something I like to encourage, because without realizing it, many of us are training our children early on to depend on sweet flavours in order for us to consume certain food.

I myself am not a huge carrot fan. I love the health benefits, but I find the flavour to be less desirable in its raw state. That being said, as children are born with clean palates, it’s always best to offer product alone in the early stages so that they can grow accustomed and learn to appreciate the flavours that they all have to offer. After that, it’s fun to mix and match.

After your child has been introduced to carrots, there are many combinations one can make to change things up. Below is a personal favourite, because it includes a very common fruit used to food for babies (apples!), as well as my personal favourite, the beautiful taste of the strawberry.

3 large carrots
2 McIntosh apples
5 strawberries

1.Wash and chop carrots
2.Place in a small pot and steam for 5 minutes
3.Peel and chop apples
3.Add the apples to the partially steamed carrots
4.Continue to steam until carrots are soft all the way through
5.Once the carrots and apples are soft, remove the calyx (green top) from the strawberries, chop and add them to the same pot.
6.Let steam for 60 seconds, turn off stove and leave covered for another 5 minutes.
7.Add your ingredients to a blender, blend and serve.

*I froze my remaining portions in my Kiddo Feedo silicone freezer tray. They come in a number of fun colours and are both freezer and oven safe. Yes, you can bake in them too! #ad