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Quick note for this one is that some cactus pear still have needles in them. I’m terrified of splinters, so I use tongs to hold them while I cut in half, and then a spoon to scoop out the ‘meat’. … Continue reading

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Jackfruit, Banana, Strawberry (6m+)

We had family over today, and guess what they brought us…some delicious jackfruit! Yessss! It’s been a while since I have had it fresh, so digging into this puppy was a blast. We ended up with two large bags full, … Continue reading

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Papaya & Peach

Not much to say about this combo, as it’s only two ingredients and pretty straight forward. It tastes great, and the peach adds an extra fruity flavour for those with papayas that taste a little on the blander side. Please … Continue reading

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