Collard Green/Berry Black Smoothie Bowl

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Collard greens are now a daily thing for me. I use the leaves as wraps in replacement of bread, as I am trying to eliminate most processed food products from my diet. I have it in salads also, but my favourite way to consume collard greens is in smoothies and juices. They’re a great source of plant-based protein, iron and lots more. I have been including collard green in most of my green smoothies, and I have been doing the same for the kids.

With regards coconut activated charcoal, I didn’t know it was edible until recently (thanks Instagram and search engines). In the past, I have mixed it with glue to make a paste and remove white heads on my face, and I heard it can be used to whiten teeth as well, although I haven’t tried this yet. Since our boys have a new smoothie colour preference every week, I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit. With a black smoothie, I am free to add a world of ingredients without worrying about the colour. This isn’t something I would do on a regular basis, but I will definitely be making some black ice pops in the near future.

**You are free to omit the activated charcoal. It will not affect the taste. Please note that the colour of the smoothie will differ if omitted.

3 frozen bananas
1 cup frozen cherries & strawberries
1 Dragon fruit
3 leaves of collard greens (I removed the stems)
Handful of frozen raspberries
A dash of Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder (optional)

Blend everything together and serve