Green Apple Sauce

baby food recipesWell, the colour turned out rather different once I froze this batch, as you can see from the image. Pretty misleading, isn’t it? Apparently spinach has a mind of its own, and its colour alters once frozen. Nevertheless, it tasted the same once defrosted. I will still call this one green apple sauce, despite this one hiccup in the process.

Any chance to add veggies to a dish should be taken advantage of. I’m not a huge fan of “hidding” vegetables, as I feel that children absolutely NEED to know what they’re eating so that they can make proper food choices once older. With that said, if you can add more to their dishes, you really can’t go wrong. Spinach is a plant based source of calcium, protein, fibre and lots more…so why not add to applesauce?

2 apples of your choice
Handful of baby spinach
8-10 strawberries

1.Wash, peel and cut your apples
2.Wash your spinach
3.Steam both ingredients until apple slices are tender
4.Wash your strawberries
5.Blend everything together

I froze the remaining portions in my Kiddo Feedo silicone freezer tray. The colour of the mixture may change slightly once frozen. This is okay👌👌. I chose to remove the skin from the apples, but you are free to leave it on. Just remember to blend well to avoid choking hazard for younger babies (no younger than six months).