Kiddo Bloom: Children Stainless Steel Dinnerware Set (Review)

kiddo bloom kiddobloom product review

If you have browsed through my products reviews before, you may recall this brand from a previous product review on their stainless steel utensils for kids. Our children still use them daily, and I am quite happy with the quality. Kiddo Bloom has recently launched a new line of products that match perfectly with their utensils. It’s their dinnerware set, and I am excited to share my experiences to date using our sets with the kids.

About the Sets
Each set includes a bowl with handles on each side, a cup, and a divided plate with 3 separate sections. There are cute characters engraved into the pieces of each set (including the utensils), and you can choose between a princess, frog, fire truck, airplane, or a blank set. We received three different designs, and each of our children have claimed theirs, and refused to mix and match! Our daughter uses the princess set, our four year old loves the airplane, and our six year old has claimed the fire truck set.

Each piece of the sets come with smooth edges, so there’s no worry about them getting scratches when handling the items on their own. In fact, our youngest loves carrying her dishes to the table herself, and it’s wonderful (and tear jerking) to see them slowly develop higher levels of independence. Having handles on either side of the bowl makes it a lot easier for toddlers to carry.

kiddo bloom kiddobloom product review

bowl: 4.2 inches x 2 inches, holds 13 fl. oz.
cup: 2.5 inches x 2.9 inches, holds 6 fl. oz.
divided plate: 9.5 inches x 6.3 inches x 0.9 inch

My Favourite Features:
•The dishes accomodate left and right handed children. Because I am right handed, I rarely think about the difficulties that left handed individuals may face when using everyday products that are not designed for them. Our children are all primarily right handed, but our middle child likes to go back and fourth between hands depending on his mood. Since the cup and bowl design work well for either hands, it doesn’t affect his routine in the slightest. He can easily switch back and fourth without a second thought.
•They are easy to wash. While all these stainless steel items are dishwasher safe, I tend to wash them by hand most of the time. They are THAT easy to clean! There are no deep ridges or crevices that can collect a buildup of food, so a dish cloth, water and soap clean these up quickly, leaving room in our dishwasher for items that can use extra attention.
•They are made of stainless steel. I mean, who wouldn’t love this fact? According to a quick Google search, the average plastic bottle can take over 450 years to decompose…say WHAT??!!! Even if it took a full year, that would be way too much. Let’s also remember that plastic children’s feeding products get scratched easily, are not always microwave safe, and can even stain depending on the food. Out of all my stainless steel feeding products, I have yet to find a need to replace anything, because they are more durable, and last longer in general. Another perk to stainless steel is that you can serve both hot and cold food, without the worry that toxic chemicals may leak into the food. That was always a worry of mine with plastic items, and I need not worry about that with these stainless items.
•I LOVE the little handle on the cups! Baby jokes that she’s drinking tea (pinky finger up and all), and it’s just the sweetest thing to see. Children value the feeling of independence. So the idea that they can have utensils and dinnerware similar to that of an adult, but sized to fit their hands, it’s a great idea!

Overall I have to say I am satisfied with this dinnerware set. The sizes are perfect for our children (ages 2, 4 & 6) and the pieces are durable. We have a fourth child due in December, and I am excited to use these sets with him/her when weaning time comes around again. It’s such a fun stage to witness…one of my favourites in fact. Sh here’s to fun weaning adventures.

kiddo bloom kiddobloom product review

kiddo bloom kiddobloom product review

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**I have been gifted samples for this review. All thoughts are my own.