LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn All Seasons – Review

I can’t stress how important baby-wearing can be for a parent. It has saved my life (and sanity) on so many occasions as a first, second and third time mother. If you’re new to parenthood or to the idea of using a sling or carrier, here are a few of my favourite reasons to include baby wearing in your daily routine.

Reasons why I Wear Our Baby
•It kept my babies calm for long periods of time.
•I can nurse baby while on the go
•I get to have my hands free to perform other tasks

I had the pleasure of trying the LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn All Seasons (in black). I will start by mentioning the packaging itself. As seen below, it comes in a sturdy cardboard box, which can easily be saved and used as a carrying case. Our family travels every few weeks to visit relatives, and after over a year, I still use my box to transport my carrier. It’s saves on suitcase space, and allows me to stay organized more easily.

This particular model is designed for large toddlers and older children. At the moment that I type this, it would be ideal for both our 1.5 year old, as well as our 3.5 year old. I used the COMPLETE Airflow Baby Carrier for our middle child when he was younger. The head support was my favourite feature, and although we have used it for him as a toddler, I have a new favourite. Check out some of the features for the LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn All Seasons.

Features LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn All Seasons:
•Wider and taller torso to comfortably fit children from size 2T in height and up
•Contains a temperature control panel (I’ll explain this in detail below)
•Includes a sleeping hood. This feature covers baby’s head, providing them with support, while leaving lots of room on either side for breathing or peeking through to see their surroundings once awake.
•Pockets to hold a set of keys, wipes and more
•Comes with a waist belt. This has to be one of my favourite features. I have worn baby with it and without. Without it, I was uncomfortable in the stomach area after a few minutes. This waist belt serves as a nice cushion against the straps of a carrier.

I will explain the temperature control feature in detail. No, the carrier does not come equipped with its own central air conditioning system, nor does it include a heater for those below freezing nights :). This feature simply refers to a flap that (within seconds) can be zipped up to provide extra warmth for your precious cargo. When zipped down, it allows air through, which will cool down your little one if the weather is warmer than usual. I enjoy this feature because most slings and carriers offer either one or the other. Parents with multiple children will favour a product that has versatility, which is what this carrier allows with this feature. Also for us, our children are born in different seasons, so it works in our favour to have a carrier that adjusts to different weather conditions and temperatures.

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What I Love Most:
•The shoulder clips are easy to use. My arms are fairly long, so connecting the back straps isn’t an issue for me. With that said, some may have an issue with this. The good thing is that all the straps are easy to adjust. This means to lock the shoulder clips when in the back of you, you can easily and quickly loosen the strap, snap them into place, and then tighten the strap again. It’s that simple.
•LÍLLÉbaby carriers come in a large variety of colour schemes and patterns. The reason I chose black is because it matches all of my clothing, is gender neutral (although all colours are for everyone!), and won’t show possible stains. Although I will mention that our previous model was lighter in colour. All I did was wash when dirty, and after almost a year, it still does not have any deep stains of any kind.
•Machine washable on gentle cycle. Personally I have washed mine a few times on gentle cycle with cold water. I hang to dry. It’s gone through about five washes, and still looks as good as the first day we tried it out.

What I Dislike
•As a product tester, I try to be as transparent as possible with my reviews. This is the reason why I like to put pros, as well as cons for the items I talk about in my reviews. That being said, I honestly have nothing negative to say about this carrier! When deconstructed and spread out, it did have me feeling a bit intimidated in the beginning because of all the straps. I didn’t know which snaps connected to each other and so on. After reading the user manual (really easy read), I was able to put it together, and adjust the carrier in no time. Since then, putting it on has become second nature.

To conclude, I do enjoy these carriers very much. I do recommend them as a must-have baby carrier. The fact that they have a wide range of patterns/styles, and each target children of different ages means you can choose a unit that is based on your particular needs as a baby-wearing adult.

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