Nuby™ Garden Fresh™ Pop Up Freezer Pots

nuby canada garden fresh Pop Up Freezer Pots

If you’re like me and enjoy preparing baby’s food in advance, freezing it is a great way to go. It allows you to store food for longer periods of time without them going bad. Also, I must add that my favourite thing about food prepping for a weaning baby is the fact that the frozen dishes instantly become fast food. When baby is hungry, you can just defrost or heat up, and it’s ready to serve. Life doesn’t get easier than that…or does it? Keep reading for details on a product that I have tried out recently. It’s designed to help you store and serve food in four convenient containers.

The Pop Up Freezer Pots by Nuby Canada are designed to keep the contents fresh, so that they’re ready when you need them. They’re perfect for leaving food for a babysitter, when travelling, or even just for the random days when you don’t feel like preparing something on the spot. Use them for mashed sweet potatoes, homemade applesauce, smoothies and more!

nuby canada garden fresh Pop Up Freezer Pots

Key Features:
•Food pops out easily with soft container bottom
•Air tight cover seals the freshness in
•Comes with a base to hold each container in place. This base is stackleable, making it simple to neatly pack multiple freezer pot sets in your freezer.

Other Uses for This Product
•Hold toddler snacks like grapes, seeds, raw broccoli for snacking etc
•Since the top is air tight, you can also hold condiments in it like homemade hummus, tahini, chia pudding and more.

nuby canada garden fresh Pop Up Freezer Pots

This product is available for purchase at the Real Canadian Superstore and Canada’s Baby Store click here

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