Nuby Canada Garden Fresh™ Freezer Tray

Nuby Canada weaning babyfoodideas

Preparing food for our little ones is one of the tasks that bring me joy. I love putting my heart into a dish, and I especially love the satisfied look on their faces when I present them with something they enjoy. I don’t have time to prepare a dish and serve it immediately at every meal time, which is why I love to food prep. The fun part about it is that you can use your spare time to prepare meals in advance for baby, and then freeze them to serve as needed. Basically, food prep is a way of having ‘fast food’ at your fingertips.

This freezer tray by Nuby Canada comes with nine compartments at 2oz each. When our children were in the early weaning stages, that amount was perfect for a feeding, as their stomachs are pretty small and could only take so much food in one feeding session. This tray is made of a flexible material, is BPA free and comes with a lid. I have tested it out numerous times, and will share my favourite features about it.

Favourite Features
•They’re made of silicone and not plastic, which also makes them freezer and dishwasher friendly
•The lid protects the contents from being contaminated by other items in the freezer, and keeps the food nice and fresh.
•Allows you to freeze up to nine portions of food for your weaning baby

Nuby Canada weaning babyfoodideas

Another thing I would add is the fact that these trays are great for the whole family. There are many products on the market that are only usable for a specific timeframe, until the child outgrows them. I have used my tray not just for homemade baby food, but also to freeze herbs, make homemade ice pops, freeze (human) breast milk, prep infused water ice cubes and more. There are many uses for freezer trays, so don’t limit yourself to using it strictly for baby.

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