Regalo My Chair Portable Booster Seat

Regalo Mychair

I love how easy it is to please our children. I used to think that good parenting involved feeding them gourmet store bought baby food, purchasing the latest most expensive toys, and getting them high end clothing. I was so wrong. It’s currently summer time, and the most fun we have had involved being messy, using our imagination, easing raw fruits and veggies and having fun at free or affordable venues like our backyard or a local splash pad.

One of the items we have included in our fun this summer is the Regalo Baby My Chair Portable Booster Seat (Model #3510) and it’s made for children ages 9-36 months old. It’s basically a collapsible seat that you can keep with you while on the go. It’s perfect for visiting family, going on road trips, spending a day in the park and more. Since I’ve got a little girl who is trying to keep up with her older brothers, a chair that makes her feel like a big girl means all the world to her.

Regalo Mychair

My Favourite Features:
•Two sets of anchoring straps. We use a booster seat from another brand regularly, and it has one set of straps designed to wrap around the back of the adult size chair. This Regalo Baby booster seat has a set of straps that go along both the back, as well as the bottom of the chair. This means a more sturdy seat for those active little ones, which means more peace of mind for us parents.
•Comes equipped with a carry case for easy transportation. Not only does its metal frame fold in easily, but the chair also comes with a carrying case, which makes taking it out even easier. I can have baby in one hand, and the chair in the other hand.
•It takes seconds to “install”. Simple place the booster seat on a chair, fasten both anchoring straps (adjust to fit baby), and you’re good to go! It’s that easy, and of course as parents, any products that are quick to assemble means time saved for us.
•It comes with a cup holder. What a cute feature indeed. I didn’t even realise that it came with this until I had opened it up. You can place a baby bottle or cup into the mesh holder for easy access to stay hydrated.
•It weighs only 3lbs. Our baby girl can carry it herself!
•It is versatile, as it is great for both indoor and outdoor activities

Regalo Mychair

Overall I have to say that I am quite pleased with this chair. I wish I had one like this when we had our boys, as it would have come in handy for all the picnics and social gatherings we attended with them during previous summers. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to live through a generation where we are able to see these wonderful inventions pop up, and it’s a pleasure to take part in trying them out, and sharing our experience with others.

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***I received this product for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.