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snapnshop babyfoodideasTaking our baby with me while I shop always feels like a field trip. I have to plan diaper changes, work around her nap times and plan her snacks. For snacks, I usually carry little containers in my purse, and hand them to her at her request as we shop. It’s not a fun task, but it keeps her quiet (for a while at least) while I quickly try to get what I need. Snap & Shop is a product that takes some of the inconvenience out of what I have just described. I am excited to share our experience with you. I’ll share some personal photos, details about our experience with it, as well as my pros and cons about the product.

Snap & Shop trays provide a way for your child to have their favourite snacks at their fingertips, so that you can have free hands to push the shopping cart along the asiles to get what you need. It’s a feeding tray with two seperate compartments (anyone that knows me will rememember how much I love divided plates and lunch boxes). This allows you to seperate two types of snacks, and I know for our daughter, it’s fun to have options when snacking. Should she munch on some strawberries or cucumber? Should she nibble on the pumpkin seeds or the grapes? The possibilities are pretty much endless.

snapnshop babyfoodideas

You’ll notice from the images that this tray also comes with a cover. This is great for tossing into your purse or diaper bag, so that the food remains clean and contained as you transport it from home to the store. The reason it’s perfect for shopping is because of the attachment, which is actually a patent pending handle grip. It’s designed specifically to hook onto the handle of your shopping cart handle, so that it sticks out as a tray for your little one to get their snack on. It’s simple, practical and easy to assemble.

•I love the two separate compartments. It’s a perfect way to keep food from touching, especially if your child is a picky eater.
•The handle grip fits most shopping carts. I have used it in several stores, and have not had an issue with clipping it on any of those carts.
•The handle can be removed, which transforms it into a cute little snack box for your little one to enjoy while on the go.
•It comes with an airtight lid that keeps food locked securely inside. It’s a three step snap on technique that allows me to toss it into my bag without the worry of food falling out.
•It comes in three fun colours

snapnshop babyfoodideas

snapnshop babyfoodideas

•Snapping the lid on tightly is a quick three step process. It took some practice for me, but after checking out this video, I had realised it was a snap!
•I would love to see a stainless steel version sometime in the future.

Some fun tips:
•If you want to separate the tray into more compartments, you can use silicone cupcake holders like this. It’ll leave room for even more creative snack time fun!
•These trays are not just for food. You can fit small toys for toddlers, or a pacifier/rattle for a baby as well.
•Is your little one early in their weaning journey and likely to drop some finger snacks? Get yourself a shopping cart cover, or a multi use nursing cover. You can place it over your cart, and then clip in your Snap & Shop tray over it. That way, the cover will collect the mess! The cover shown here is by
Sprout Shell.

snapnshop babyfoodideas

CLICK FOR VIDEO of our little girl using her Snap & Shop tray

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