Dragon Fruit, Spinach, Mango & Banana

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1 mango
2 large bananas
1 handful of spinach
1 teaspoon hemp seeds
1/2 dragonfruit

1. Wash & peel mango
2. Cut around the seed, and place the ‘meat’ of the mango in the blender.
3. Peel banana and place in blender
4. Wash a handful of baby spinach, and place into blender
5. Cut your dragon fruit in half lengthways
6. Peel off the skin of the dragon fruit and add to blender
7. Add your hemp seeds
7. Blend all ingredients together
8. You can add breast milk or water to thin the consistency
9. Serve
10. I freeze my remaining portions in my @kiddofeedo freezer tray. It’s made of silicone, super simple to clean, and the frozen portions pop out quickly and easily.

**This recipe is sponsored by Kiddo Feedo