The Original Squeeze with Eeeze (Product Review)

The Original Squeeze With Eeze Product Review

When it comes to weaning, feeding pouches are high on my must-have list. They promote self feeding, reduce mess, and are great for when you’re on the go. I have promoted feeding pouches on Social Media a number of times, and I must say that these particular pouches stand out a bit from the rest.

The Original Squeeze makes these silicone pouches that allow children to drink their favourite mixtures with less mess. It’s Phthalate Free, lead free and also BPA free. I received two versions. One is for ages 6m+ with a spill proof spout. This is perfect for those little ones who are still getting the hang of self feeding (and self control, since making a mess is always tempting). The second spout I received comes with a free flowing spout, which is for older toddlers who have mastered the art of independent feeding.

The Original Squeeze With Eeze Product Review

Our little is almost two, so she’s in the middle of the age range of these two spouts. At this point, I’d say that the spout to chose would be dependent on the child’s development. Baby girl has tested both, and the 6m+ spout that is spill proof definitely won me over. I would also like to mention that the pouches come in different sizes (2, 4 and 6oz), but the spouts are interchangeable, which makes it easy for parents to mix and match, should they need to go for a larger/smaller size with ease.

The Original Squeeze With Eeze Product Review

I gave these to our youngest and middle child for a day to use them and mark down any observations I had made from that experience. I like that they are reusable. A feature like this makes them perfect for the environment. They are also pretty easy to clean. We have a bottle brush here at home, so I just add some soap and water, and clean it out with the brush. If you have a number of pouches and don’t want to clean them by hand, no worries there, as they are also top rack dishwasher safe.

Another feature that I love is the fact that the pouch holds its shape, and can sit up on its own. This is perfect for when you need to sit it down outside or rest in your diaper bag. I had to stop to change baby’s diaper, and it was pretty convenient to be able to place the pouch down upright. The silicone nipple is made a bit thicker than the nipples of bottles I have used in the past. This is great because babies with teeth tend to chew a lot. This is great to ease to the gums, but it can rip standard bottle nipples easily. With The Original Squeeze, it’s harder for those little teeth to break through. The pouches also come with caps, which protect the spouts from germs.

Looking for ideas on what to put in your pouches? Their website has a section where they feature some great recipes. You can also check out the puree or smoothie section on this website as well. The possibilities are endless! I’m a sucker for smoothies, so of course that’s what we’ve been using them for the most.

The Original Squeeze With Eeze Product Review

Overall, I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied with this product. It does exactly what the brand claims, and they’re so easy to clean, that they just make my life easier. I did notice that baby had difficulty getting the contents out with the spill proof spout. Once she figured out where to bite, the contents came out more easily. Practice makes perfect!

Click the links below to learn more about these silicone squeeze pouches. Elfe Juvenile is the Canadian distributor, and I have added their links below. They carry products for a number of brands, so be sure to look around and see what other baby related items they distribute.

The Original Squeeze With Eeze Product Review

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