Vegan Friendly Zucchini Soup

baby food ideas puree We’re not big soup drinkers here at home, as the boys don’t enjoy hot bowls too much. With that being said, myself and our daughter love a good bowl! At the time I made this dish, I knew I wanted to make soup, but had no idea what I wanted my main ingredient to be. I took a look in our fridge, saw two large zucchinis and figured I would give them a shot. I am really glad I did, because baby girl and I both gobbled this down fairly quickly with no regrets. I made a vegan friendly zucchini soup.

I will say in advance that the consistency did not come out as thick as I had hoped. I will create this recipe again in the future and update this one, using a larger quantity of zucchinis.

1 white onion diced
2 zucchini chopped
2 cups of vegetable stock
2tbs extra virgin olive oil
4 stems of cilantro chopped
5 cloves of garlic chopped

1. In a pot, heat olive oil on medium setting
2. To the pot, add white onion, zucchinis, cilantro and garlic
3. sauté these ingredients for about 3 minutes
4. Remove from stove, and add contents to blender
5. Add 1 cup stock to blender, along with ingredients from pot and blend on high speed
6. Remove and add contents to pot, along with the remainder of the stock
7. Let simmer uncovered for another 10 minutes, stiring occasionally
8. Remove and serve

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